The God Confusion

God is…

God is what?

There is a saying that if you can understand God then that’s not God. Nonetheless, I wrestle with this elusive being frequently and more so over the last few months.

Christians believe in a God who has revealed himself to humankind and as such it follows, to a certain extent, that he can be known; Through nature, other people, the scriptures and ultimately a personal relationship with Jesus.Jesus is seen as God made flesh and he reveals to us a loving, self-sacrificing God.

This is all well and good but it is based on the premise that God can in fact be known. We might say it is obvious through the beauty of nature that there is a God but nature can be brutal, violent and harsh. Most Christians will attest to experiencing God through scripture. This based on the belief that scripture is God inspired. But that in itself is not self-authenticating. Scripture cannot authenticate itself.

So how can we know that the God we know is the God to know? Ultimately, there will always be a step of faith required and that is something which cannot be quantified and, I suppose, that’s a step many an agnostic or atheist just can’t take.

But for me, doubt as I may, I always get to a point where I cannot explain away a God. And that is the beginning.

If we stop for a moment and become aware of this moment right now, the mere fact that our consciousness continues and everything around us stays where it is, holding itself in a position according to the laws of nature; that there is order instead of chaos, something instead of nothing; these are facts that are just as mind boggling and unfathomable as any idea about God. And I believe they fall into the same sphere.
Because there isn’t nothing. We need to understand that nothing really is nothing. We can’t imagine it because if we could then it would be something.

But there is something and the question remains. How and why? The only rational conclusion I can come to is that there had to be a creator. Any other explanation falls short. As for who this creator is, your guess is as good as mine!

But something that occurs to me and is worth pondering is this…

If there is a creator and this creator is capable of creating all we see around us from the vastness of the galaxies to the intricacies of cells and molecules, then why did He/She/It create us and why did He/She/It give us our self-awareness?

Perhaps these are the first questions toward figuring out the nature of this creator and I suppose in a sense, if we try to answer these questions, we can begin to know who He/She/It might be.
And maybe that’s okay. Maybe it is okay to believe in God. Maybe it is not as crazy as people think. On the contrary it may be the most rational explanation for this… all of this.

And so, for now, I am happy with saying

God is.

Seagulls over Lac Leman“Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand.” The Book of Job 38, verse 4


5 thoughts on “The God Confusion

  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. Please bear in mind that earth initially had a year of 300 days of equal length, it was shrouded in mist and there were no storms or chaos. The nature changed when man deviated from his purpose.

    I have a blog where share some thoughts and you are welcome to vist there as well. in most topics there, you will find pieces of the puzzle. The more you read, the more you will understand. I do not make any part too long as it can become confusing. Bite-size is easier on the go!

    Finally, thank you for a lovely post that cannot do anything other than provoke thought and confront traditional perceptions,


  2. This reminds me of a talk at Seek 2015 that I heard about Creation. We couldn’t have come from nothing. Nothing couldn’t have caused the Big Bang, because all that nothing can do is nothing. Yet, even though I believe in God, it’s still a struggle for me to trust Him and follow His will.

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